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Project Description

This website showcases the faculty development resources available for the Center for Academic and Professional Enhancement (CAPE).  Not all resources are available without a valid login but there are a number of resources to explore.


I led the project, coordinating with stakeholders to integrate varies permissions and  resources from a prior database.  I was also responsible for the site UI and graphic design.  The site can also host Tin Can API modules, letting it function as an LMS for learners both inside and outside the institution.  This was a key component of the project, allowing development resources to be made available to preceptors and adjunct professors.

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Project Details

View Project: CAPE Center

Client: Western University of Health Sciences

Role: Instructional Designer, Project Creator/Developer

Skills:  WordPress, LMS, Adobe Suite, HTML/CSS


Copyright 2017: Western University of Health Sciences

Credit: Adam Hain, MA Ed

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