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I am available for consulting.  Help your organization innovate with research-based instructional design, elearning and educational multimedia development solutions.  Contact.



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Instructional Design

The most modern, cutting-edge learning interaction will fall flat if not grounded in sound research and Instructional Design principles. This is why all of the learning media we create must pass the first and most important test: Is it learner-centered? A holistic approach should be taken to ensure that the learner remains paramount, not the technology. That said, there are vital emerging technologies that enable us to not just replace former counterparts, but enhance and add to the learning experience itself.

I believe Constructivism, Cognitivism and even Behaviorism are important to utilize, depending on what the conditions call for. I specialize in adult learning, grounded in the principles of andragogy, set forth most notably by Malcolm Knowles. While I subscribe to the proven effectiveness of the ADDIE model, I am also a proponent of rapid prototyping and AGILE. I am currently researching improved technology integrations and evidence-based interaction design in elearning both in online and blended environments.

Media Production

The convergence of technical and creative skill is imperative in this industry. I find this relationship endlessly rewarding as it is ever changing. I believe the learner's experience is defined by the constant interaction of the well-informed instructional design, interface design and graphic design. This requires the elearning developer have multiple abilities in order to accomplish the required tasks. The developer must be experienced, focused, quick and effective.

With the explosion of authoring software and methods available, it can be challenging to remain current with the best tools available. This is another task of the developer. I believe that authoring software can speed development and be effective in content creation. I also believe that it is important to have a strong foundation in all web-based solutions to create a holistic, interactive learning environment.

Visual and aural elements should be considered as well. The eLearning developer should be proficient in creative applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and Pro Tools - or their equivalents. With years of experience in creating media, I have a proven record of being passionate and detail-oriented. Ask anyone I have worked with.

Audio & Video

My interest in working with documentary, led me to study that Electronic Communication in college. After completing my B.A. at San Francisco State, I moved to Los Angeles to immerse myself in the field. I was successful in being an integral part of many projects that were featured at festivals like Cannes and Sundance. I also worked on countless commercials, television, and on feature films. I believe it is this primary interest in documentary that led my to education.

It is this passion, and the skills I have developed, that I bring to Instructional Design projects. I have extensive experience in the production and post workflow. I have worked with thousands of hours of media across all spectrums and formats. I am very experienced with DSLR Production, Final Cut, Premiere, Pro Tools, and Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects. I believe, when used effectively, video and animation can have a profound effect on learning. I enjoy being a part of that.

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